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Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rightsは、157カ国に存在する1000以上の自立した組織と個人のネットワークです。1984年からずっと女性がリプロダクティブ・セクシュアル・ヘルス/ライツ (RSHR)を享受できることを実現し、支援することを目指して活動を続けてきました。 歴史的に見ると、 WGNRR は女性が「リプロダクティブ・フリーダム」を勝ち取る闘いの中で重要な役割を果たしてきました。また、世界中の草の根組織の政治的な中心地としてもの役割も担ってきました。このようなグループとともに世界的ネットワークの中に登場することで、WGNRRは世界規模での、地域での、地方でのアドボカシーで声を上げ、影響力を強めてきました。WGNRRは地方の活動者たちと国際的な機関やネットワークと間の重要な橋渡しをしています。

Today, after a period of organisational transition, internal reflection, and planning, WGNRR is rebuilding itself to better support these courageous women activists and organisations both at global and local levels, in a truly feminist, collaborative and progressive manner. We are redefining and rebuilding ourselves in order to support the sexual and reproductive rights movement and activists to increase the achievement of reproductive rights and turn the tide and win one of the most important battles for women’s rights worldwide. Our new focus will include a more participatory approach, regionalisation and capacity building of members to advocate for RSHR in their own reality.

Through the years, WGNRR has succeeded in linking RSHR advocacies to other issues of women's rights, empowerment and development. It does this because it is informed by its diverse range of global partners. WGNRR seeks to be a powerful instrument for working for social change. It’s strength lies in her exceptional ability to enhance and deepen critical thinking and creativity through dialogue and exchange; to address global problems by joining forces to take global action; to bring people together for common causes while respecting diversity; to transcend isolation and strengthen local action; to link local organising efforts and structures to international ones; to facilitate participation; and to be flexible and respond quickly to new and changing situations. This was particularly important at international conferences, including the Fourth World Conference on Women and the International Women and Health meetings.

At a time when globalisation and its phenomena confront all social actors, this role is critical. WGNRR will continue to bring RSHR advocacies to the new political challenges that are arising.